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What is your dream?

I just finished reading the book Find Your Why by Simon Sinek. This book helped me define the deeper meaning behind my business. Yes, I design products for people but what is the meaning behind it? Starting Redshine was my dream and I want to inspire others to follow their own dreams.  

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Road trip through Oregon

I just got back from a road trip that started at Lake Tahoe, went up through Oregon, and took me back to Seattle. I missed my studio but it was nice to get away for a while and recharge. I'm excited to get back to working on some new designs. I also picked up some crazy-colored acrylic that I want to show to you soon.

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Design lessons from Project Runway

The weather here in Seattle has been snowy and icy so I've been spending a lot of my time binge watching Project Runway. I don't think of this as wasted time however because I'm learning design lessons that I plan to use in my own design practice.

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Tidying for creative spaces

Marie Kondo is back in the public eye with her new Netflix show Tidying Up. You may love her methods or hate them but you have to admit she makes a good case for getting rid of what you don't use anymore. In this world of one-click buying, it's too easy to acquire massive piles of stuff in a very short amount of time. I have read that her methods don't work for creatives. Tim Harford says her methods work for tidying your kitchen but not your studio space. While I do think that being overly neat can get in the way of creative work, there's nothing wrong with having your space organized so you know where to find things when you start a new project. Here are some tips I have...

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Designing tricolor wood coasters

I recently finished up a few sets of tricolor wood coasters. I love how the design turned out and how the different colors of wood contrast with each other. er.  Inspiration Before I start a new project, I always do some research and sketching to get an idea of what my product will look like before I jump onto the computer. I like having design books around in hard copy so I can browse through them for inspiration. For this project, I looked at my Sol Lewitt, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Sottsass books. 

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