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Back from Tulum

I recently returned from a relaxing trip to Tulum, Mexico. The weather was hot and humid but there was always a breeze off the ocean and the water was so, so blue. Something I discovered down there was all of the colorful Mexican crafts. Especially alebrijes which are hand-carved wooden creatures with intricate designs painted on them. One day I want to visit Oaxaca to view them at their source.

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New year, new name

January flew by didn't it? I've been spending the time doing my annual studio tidying and planning for the year ahead. My biggest news is that I'm changing my brand name from Redshine to Michelle Mars! I decided that I want to represent my work as a person instead of an impersonal business name. 

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Top books & films of 2019

2019 is almost over (phew!). A lot happened this year didn't it? This year I started designing and making jewelry. I updated the ventilation in my studio and remodeled my aging kitchen. I had some great trips to San Francisco and Palm Springs and I took a road trip through Oregon. I've been learning some French, meditating, and biking daily. Overall, 2019 was a pretty good year for me. 

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Upcoming craft fairs

The holidays aren't my favorite time of year (that would be summer) but it's a good excuse to fill up on yummy food and spend time with the people you care about. I did some of both yesterday. I've also been getting ready for the craft fairs, editing photos, and staying cozy.y.

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My punk rock business

I've been busy in the studio making my new designs for winter. I'm finally figuring out my process and making some good progress. You can see a few process photos and videos up in my Instagram stories. I should have everything up for sale on this site by the end of November. Sign up to the Redshine newsletter to be notified first when that happens. 

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