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Seattle's Punk Rock Flea Market

I had a lot of fun vending at Seattle's Punk Rock Flea Market (PRFM) this year. A large group of volunteers put a ton of work into fixing up the old central district Red Apple and getting it safe and clean to use. I really like the idea of reclaiming a disused space and bringing it back to life even if it's only for a weekend.  

The market was a mix of people selling everything from vintage clothes, crafts, jewelry, taxidermy, pins, buttons, records, and anything else you can think of. The vendor next to me was demoing her new game Heartcatchers: a two person card game that's super fun to play. On the other side of me was a wonderfully wonky and bizarre puppet show. Not to mention the DJs and brass band. 

Here are a few photos of my booth at PRFM. I printed up some heart maze t-shirts and bamboo earrings and acrylic pins for the event. 

Redshine booth

Redshine earrings and pins

Unfortunately, the there was an incident involving an off-color t-shirt that one vendor was selling. Sometimes this happens when you have an event with an "anything goes" attitude. It can lead to a lot of freedom of expression and creativity but also lead to people being offended. Overall though, I felt the PRFM was a positive experience and look forward to more punk rock flea markets in the future.