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My Progress so Far

holiday sketches

Here are some sketches I've been working on. It feels weird to be thinking up holiday themes in September. I'm experimenting with applying Art Deco patterns to more traditional holiday designs.

US Cutter Laser II stand before assembly

This is the vinyl cutter I bought. It's a USCutter Laser II which is a top-of-the-line entry-level cutter. It comes straight from China with an impossible to put together stand and Sure Cuts a Lot software which reminds of me of the Sir Poops a Lot Valentines Bear from the Simpsons for some reason.

US Cutter Laser II stand complete

Here's the stand all put together. It only took me four hours, 3 reassemblies, and a trip to Lowes. Worst. Design. Ever.

Cutter pen marks

The cutter actually works great once you get past the stand and software headaches. It has a pen attachment that lets you practice your design before cutting.

vinyl cut hearts

Here's a design cut out of vinyl. It's just a sample design that comes with the program and I need to get better at applying the vinyl with application tape.