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Setting up the studio

screen printing suppliesHere's my progress so far on converting the garage into a screen printing studio. Buying the supplies was easy; creating a work space was more difficult.

Here's the original garage in all it's typical garageness.

I don't have a lot of transition photos but this is after we finished the drywall and purchased a washout booth.

This is the 99% finished version with painted walls, sealed floor, washout booth, utility sink, and IKEA desks.

home screen printing studioI got the IKEA SKARSTA desk that lets you adjust the height with a hidden handle. Now I can work standing or sitting.

home screen printing studioThis is the utility sink and washout booth. The yellow Karcher K2 pressure washer should work well for reclaiming screens. We had to add some plumbing so the sink and washout booth drain into the laundry room behind this wall. 

The glass garage door brings in a lot of natural light into the space. Since it's near the road, we opted for frosted glass.