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Road trip to Ashland

I recently got back from a road trip down to Ashland, OR (before the recent devastating fires). The weather was hot and sunny but things were pretty quiet because of the canceled Shakespeare Festival. Matt and I had some nice cabin time and we managed to get some delicious blue cheese at the Rogue Creamery and have an outdoor lunch at Dancin Vineyards. We even stopped in Portland along the way for some outstanding takeout from Eem and Master Kong.

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Dreaming of the multiverse

With the recent sunny weather I've been taking lots of walks around the neighborhood and visiting friends here and there (socially distanced of course). I'm even planning on driving down to Oregon for a little RnR.I'm currently working on some geometric designs that involve a lot of layers and colors. Learning how to glue all those paper layers is a learning process for sure. It involves dispensing PVA glue into needle-nose containers so I can get glue into all those little spaces.

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Design without thinking

What a crazy month this has been. The racial violence and inequality that goes on in this country is finally getting the attention it deserves. We need to do more. I need to do more. I donated to Black Women's Health Imperative (BWHI) which targets the most pressing health issues for black women and girls. I'm also donating 50% of my sales proceeds to BWHI for the foreseeable future.

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At home in the studio

I've mostly gotten used to sheltering in place. I'm lucky to have a home studio so I can keep making things during the pandemic. I miss talking to people face to face but I'm distracting myself pretty well with art, movies, and online communications. 

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Love walks

I've been putting off this post because of all of the uncertainty right now. I pass my days working on art and going for walks around the neighborhood. I've decided to accept our current reality because, well, I have no control over it other than staying home and staying sane.

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